Project Portfolio

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ESSI performs safety audit of Auditorium project
ESSI performs asbestos abatement in large warehouse
ESSI performs subsurface investigation
ESSI conducts safety audit for warehouse construction project
ESSI performs Phase Two subsurface investigation, due dilegience
ESSI provides air monitoring for underground mining location
ESSI provides safety inspection for High School Auditorium construction
ESSI performs safety audit at Airport/Warehouse Project

ESSI Recent/Select Projects

  • Landfill Evaluation and Relocation (Indiana)
  • 401 Water Certification, Ohio River and Others (Indiana, Kentucky)
  • Brownfield Development Project for "River Front Plaza" (Indiana)
  • CERCLA Superfund Site PRP Consultant (Illinois)
  • Safety Inspections/Audits and Training Ongoing (Indiana)
  • Sampling, Compliance, Reporting for NPDES Outfalls (Indiana, Kentucky)
  • RCRA Compliance/Closure (Indiana)
  • UST Compliance and Closure (Indiana)
  • Transportation Facilities Ongoing Sampling, Reporting and Compliance, Site Waste Water Operator - NPDES and SWP3 Outfalls (Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois)
  • Asbestos Abatement - Large Manufacturing (Indiana)
  • Numerous Phase I and II, Asbestos Inspections, Audits/Due Diligence Property Evaluations (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi)
  • Air Monitoring for Underground Mining and Manufacturing Locations (Indiana)
  • Dosimeter (auditory) Analysis - Large Manufacturing (Kentucky)
  • Geologic Evaluations of Oil/Gas Potential (Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois)
  • Well Site Geology Oil Exploration Projects (Indiana)
  • Air Ongoing Permit Compliance/Renewals, etc. (Indiana)
  • Environmental Sampling, Abatement and Compliance for Educational Facility Expansion Including 20 Adjacent Sites (Indiana)
  • Confined Space Rescue (Kentucky)
  • Phase I, Phase II, Safety Oversight-Airport Free Trade Expansion (Indiana)