Recent Indiana State Health Department Study with the IU Fairbanks School of Public Health

Random Study Conducted in Indiana

4,611 tested for active virus and for antibodies

Testing conducted prior to 4/29/2020

1.7 % tested positive for the virus

1.1% had antibodies

2.8% of Hoosiers (186,000) had been infected by 4/29/2020 11X greater than those found to date through conventional detection focused on those that were symptomatic.

44.8 % had no symptoms

Those living with someone who had tested positive were 12 times more likely to also test positive

The fatality rate using the 186,000 extrapolated is 0.58%

6 times deadlier than the seasonal flu, more contagious, and can be asymptomatic.


Next round of sampling will be June 3-7.


As we return to work, be safe, be smart!