On May 23, a 34-year-old First Dakota Enterprises Inc. worker was completely buried when the walls of a 14-foot trench collapsed around him. Other workers were able to free the victim’s head, allowing an emergency response team to work more than...

South Carolina Stormwater Plan

DMRQA Study Indiana

EEPA Inspection Evansville

Confined Space Training


IDEM OAQ Review FESOP Draft, Revise Title V Permit

Indiana, Alabama, Illinois,...

ESSI completes IDEM permits for Polyram.  Polyram is a global Israeli-based plastics engineering company will open its first U.S. production facility in the...

Environmental & Safety Solutions, Inc. (ESSI) assists customer in completing the CCS Safety Certification Program (

Last week ESSI received...

ESSI has acquired a new customer.  The firm is a multinational plastic extruding company.  The company is based in Israel and has a worldwide footprint.  They are negotiating a lease purchase for a 100,000 square foot production site in...

AAI Phase One Assessment

Ohio River NPDES Outfall Renewal

Driving Safety Issue's and Resolutions

Alabama NPDES UIC Permit Renewal

CCS Safety Program Review for Local Towing Company

Monthly NPDES Samples and...

Projects Types:

Air permit for large food processing plant and plastics facility

AAI Phase One

Safety Training and Audits

CCS Safety

Water Treatment Plant Design

Asbestos Removal/Inspections


Environmental and Safety Solutions, Inc. is fortunate to be involved in two new projects: Indiana University Medical School and Deaconess Hospital expansion;...

April 13th, 2017 ESSI attends Indiana Department of Environmental Management Air Permitting -  Training included "Potential Emissions Calculations" Air...